Noni Fruit

Noni Fruit

Scientific Name: Morinda citrifolia


Noni is described in ancient Chinese and Indian texts and Polynesian legends as a traditional medicine to combat stress-related disorders such as regulation of blood sugar levels, constipation, circulation, blood pressure, inflammation, ulcers, indigestion, immune system deficiencies chronic fatigue and asthma.

Noni has been studied in the context of providing immune system support and recent animal studies suggest that noni can help protect the brain from stress to maintain cognitive function.

Noni’s reputation as an effective relaxant may help reduce stress, calm the nerves and support sound sleep patterns.


How can one plant provide benefits for so many seemingly unrelated conditions? These conditions are interconnected. They all are theorized to involve a cellular dysfunction that Noni helps to prevent and correct. A micronutrient named pro-xeronine contained in noni promotes human cells to synthesize xeronine, an active alkaloid which supports the structure and function (flexibility and resilience) of the cell walls throughout the body. This adaptogenic function prevents our cell walls from collapsing and malfunctioning.

The proper structure and function of our cells effects every system in our bodies.

As we age our natural ability to produce xeronine decreases and under excessive stress our requirements for xeronine exceed what our bodies can normally produce.



Noni has been shown to make specific brain proteins (enzymes) more receptive to endorphins that have potent analgesic properties. This supports the traditional use of noni to control pain.

Serotonin is also a precursor to the hormone melatonin that regulates many of our biological rhythms. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter (sending electrical impulses from on nerve cell to another) and is believed to affect a wide range of emotional and physical responses. Decreased serotonin levels can stimulate hunger impulses, and negatively affect sleep patterns, temperature regulation, pain responses, cognition, motor functions and emotional moods.

Noni has been used in rehabilitation programs to help people escape from dependency on drugs, alcohol, nicotine, overeating and other habitual substances and obsessive behaviors. By adjusting serotonin levels people are able to feel good without the need for these substances thus reducing the physical component of these obsessive behaviors and addictions.


Another strongly adaptogenic compound whose biosynthesis is induced by Noni is Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide relaxes and expands blood vessel walls and increases their elasticity. This can help to control high blood pressure. It may also prevent blood clots that cause strokes by opening noni”s wide range of complex phytochemical compounds that work synergistically to enhance overall function and promote holistic health.

The circulatory system delivers oxygen, nutrients, immune substances, and other vital elements to every cell and organ in our bodies and this influences all our biological systems. It aids in waste removal, temperature regulations, and balances electrolytes.


Damnacanthal has been shown to slow the rate of multiplication of cancerous cells. Ursolic Acid supports the immune system. Scopoletin helps to regulate blood pressure. Alkaloids in noni demonstrate an ability to boost phagocytes that attack invader cells.

Noni’s wide rand of complex phytochemical compounds work synergistically to enhance overall function and promote holistic well-being.


The intuitive goal of adaptogens such as noni is a balanced physiology operating in homeostasis. Noni’s phytochemicals operate at the cellular level to regulate essential catalysts that influence a wide range of cellular activities. Preserving cellular integrity, CFL greatly enhances noni’s adaptogenic capabilities.

The inherent intelligence that noni demonstrates in response to intercellular messages which indicate the location and nature of imbalances and in which direction and to what degree an adjustment is required to normalize the condition is critical to its effect as an adaptogen. It is essential that the cellular and molecular structure of the plant is kept intact. This is where CFL surpasses all other technologies for sustaining noni. The chemical compounds per se tell only part of the story. Our bodies consist of billions of cells operating within collective organization. Order, information, programming and communication are essential ingredients of every biological system and particularly relevant in the case of adaptogens such as Noni.