Our Story

The idea of iHealthyFarm started in Chiang Mai, the North of Thailand, where it is historically rich with beautiful culture and nature. Open-minded character of the city welcomes many people from all over the world, creating some charming vibe and has became an alternative & creative city suitable for everyone, including us.

There are many handicraft, coffee shop, healthy products and healthy activities throughout the province. It is also one of the most vegetarian-friendly cities in the world with many choices of organic section yet to be discovered and explored.

With some background in Agroforestry in Asia, since 2012, extensive work experiences with many organic farmers and our love of nature, we chose to work harmoniously with nature and be a small part of this world to reduce a heavy use of chemical, promote and support organic/environmental friendly products and producers.

We believe that when we make eco-friendly choices, we foster clean air, water, and land, which benefit us in return by supporting our good health as individuals and communities. Healthy living and a healthy planet go hand-in-hand. A healthy diet based on organic, natural foods and the use of non-toxic household products work together to promote sustainability and a clean environment in a host of ways. If we really want our world to have a cleaner, safer environment, the most effective action we can take involves a simple thing we do every day: choosing what products to eat and to use.

While we are developing our own organic farm, our iHealthyFarm.com shop offers you a wide range of products that can be used in everyday’s life from certified organic producers to small-scale ones.

We wish you great health and happy shopping with us.